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Hi... I'm Rhonda 

I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. Growing up near the Pennsylvania Amish country, at just 12 years old, I started selling my artwork to tourist shops in the area. I became known to the locals as the little painter girl.


Since then, there isn't much in art and crafts that I haven't at least tried, and quite a few I've mastered, but my passion is Acrylics. I now reside in Maryland and for nearly ten years I've taught art and painting to young and old, beginner to advanced.


I'm also delighted to be starting an online art membership where I'll be helping a much broader range of people discover the joy of painting, using my fun and easy methods. Read more below.


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About Artzy Me and Paint Parties...

Artzy Me is Maryland’s ultimate mobile Paint Party! 


Creating fun and memorable experiences is our goal and we go above and beyond to make every one of our events truly special.

We make sure there is always something new and exciting to create, whether it be painting on canvas, wood, glass or or any other art and craft classes, you can be sure that it will be different from the mainstream paint party businesses. 

Painting parties are “Social Art.” Social art is fun art and should be do-able for most everyone, no matter their skill levels. My helpful, relaxed, step-by-step method of teaching not only makes the process easy, but it truly helps you learn how to paint. So that when the paint party is over, you're sure to have had a wonderful, happy time with family and friends, and you're also taking home something you created yourself and can be proud of. 

What is

It was nearly 10 years ago that I started teaching Paint Parties, Paint and Sip events, and a variety of classes to people of all ages and skill levels. At that time, I named the business Paint Party US and a bit later got the website URL of


Recently, I've done some updating, including changing the name to be more inclusive of other parts of my art business. So, the names are interchangeable, as some things (i.e. email addresses, social media addresses, etc) are still under

3...2...1...Countdown to an Online Art Club Membership!

We're so excited! My team and I are also hard at work getting everything ready to launch an online creative arts membership! This means that you can live almost anywhere in the world and be able to attend my classes virtually. How awesome is that?


Please join our mailing list for updates, announcements, events, and to be notified when we open the doors to the membership! No spamming, I promise!

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